Who is Prince Harry’s new girlfriend?

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After a few reports that suggested the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton isn’t happy with Prince Harry’s new Girlfriend Meghan Markle, another strong rumor is heating up the Kate Middleton- Meghan Markle feud.

Prince Harry’s relationship is no longer a secret thing, though it seems they don’t have much time to spend for each other. Rumors say that Middleton has denied Prince Harry’s plea to have his new girlfriend Meghan Markle join the Royal Christmas Celebrations.

Although, there have been few reports that suggest the rumors are not very true, since the Royal family has their own rules. Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed that its too soon to have Meghan join the Royal family at their Sandringham House.

Nicholl also noted that Markle has the same kind of situation as Middleton had few years back in time. “Harry¬†knows the rules of the royal family and he knows that until they get engaged, Meghan will not have a place around that Christmas dinner table,” Nicholl said.

It seems that Markle will most probably not join the Royal Christmas celebrations this year. However, many still believe that she should not take it personally and increase the feud with the Duchess Kate Middleton. We should also remember Middleton had to wait 10 years during the time of her with Prince William.

The Britain’s prince Harry and the actress Markle have been dating for past few months now, which clearly means its not her right time yet. She has to wait until they do engagement. The couple although, is taking things slowly and they also have their plans for long-term togetherness.

The prince is currently on tour and they will probably squeeze their time together before Christmas. It seems that Harry is really serious with the actress.

The only question remaining now, will Prince Harry engage with Markle or continue with Middleton? Coming few months should be fascinating.

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